Advanced Lessons

  • $55 – 1-Hour private or group lesson …………purchased individually
  • $50 – 1-Hour private lesson………………………packages of 3 or more
  • $45 – per person for 1-Hour group lesson…….packages of 3 or more

Advanced riders know themselves and the horses they ride like a well read book! The flex of a particular muscle…a certain hesitation or misstep by the horse tells the advanced rider what is coming next and they’re prepared to make a correction.

This level of rider knows the ins and outs of riding and most have a substantial track record in the show ring. These are the riders that understand and appreciate that winners win because they stay ahead of the crowd when it comes to fine tuning themselves and their mounts.

These riders bring home the blues because they have a second set of eyes along the arena railing at the show. This extra help is used as an edge to be pinned at the top of the class.

Are you dropping a shoulder? Is one leg slightly ahead of the other? Are you tending to slouch?

Every rider who brings home the blues consistently knows and appreciates continuing education. It’s what gives them the winning edge. You never stop learning!

At Lake Trail Stables our lead instructor, Jan Sydnam is available to run you through interesting patterns and fun maneuvers that will improve your timing and instincts. She has consistently brought home the blues and championships with a variety of breeds and a multitude of horses. She’s here to help guide you in your championship journey.


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Advanced Lessons