Beginner Lessons

  • $40 – 1-Hour private or group lesson …………purchased individually
  • $35 – 1-Hour private lesson………………………packages of 3 or more
  • $30 – per person for 1-Hour group lesson…….packages of 3 or more

A beginner rider is anyone who has never been on the back of a horse or has ridden a few times yet lacks the knowledge of how to ask the horse, with confidence and consistence to deliver an appropriate response to their request as a rider.

Being provided with a solid foundation in the elements of basic riding skills is necessary for any direction of horse activity you wish to pursue. If you don’t start out with a complete foundation of the “how’s & what’s”, you’ll find yourself facing unnecessary struggles down the road.

We understand the challenges of starting riding lessons. We’ll get you through that first part with ease so you can speak with confidence about what you’re learning. We will never yell at you or embarrass you or your child. By the end of your first lesson you should be able to explain the basic requests you gave the horse and the “how and why” of the response you received.

Each lesson is filled with concentrated information as the instructor guides you from the fundamentals to more detailed maneuvers with the horse. Your confidence level will grow each time you place your foot in the stirrup! When you dismount from your lesson, you’ll walk away knowing that you gained valuable knowledge about yourself, riding and the world of horses.


Beginner Lessons

Intermediate Lessons

Advanced Lessons