Intermediate Lessons

  • $45 – 1-Hour private or group lesson …………purchased individually
  • $40 – 1-Hour private lesson………………………packages of 3 or more
  • $35 – per person for 1-Hour group lesson…….packages of 3 or more

An Intermediate rider has spent considerable time in the saddle but knows that there’s always something that will improve their riding skills and therefore the performance of the horse.

At this stage, the rider recognizes that when their skills improve, their horse becomes more attentive and provides a far better and quicker response.  The intermediate rider is taught the specific and individual commands that help them connect to their particular horse.

The student learns various patterns that help improve the flexibility of the animal while it enhances the leg aides of the rider.

Many Intermediate riders have started showing and we want that experience to produce consistent blue ribbons! When you enter a class, you should be able to anticipate a first through third placing with confidence because you’re ready…and so is your horse.


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Intermediate Lessons

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