At Lake Trail Stables, our professional instructors will guide you from rank beginner to a confident rider. Sitting in the saddle while the horse takes you from place to place or along the trail makes you a passenger…not a rider!

Being a rider means that you…the person in the saddle, knows how to communicate with the horse you’re on. The more time you spend in the saddle…under the  guidance of a knowledgeable instructor, the better rider you’ll become.

Let Lake Trail Stables be the starting point of that enjoyable journey. Below you will find the levels and areas of instruction we provide.

Riding is a fun and relaxing activity when you and your mount are communicating flawlessly. Only time in the saddle will transform an awkward feeling rider into a person who flows with every movement their horse makes. When that level is attained…it’s a beautiful sight for all to enjoy!

Let us here at Lake Trails Stables get you started on that journey!


We will be glad to assist you when it comes time to purchase your first horse or perhaps move on to a higher quality animal for the various disciplines/breed shows. The charge for this service is reasonable and our experts know the questions and maneuvers to check for before you make that purchase.